Green Tripe Patties in Colorado

Raw Beef Green Tripe in 2lb. Rolls or Patties

Green Tripe Patties

Mile High Raw’s beef green tripe patties are a convenient and no-nonsense solution for supplementing your dog. Also, a great way to aid in digestion as well as adding Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to their diet. Green tripe patties have become our raw dog food company’s second best selling product. A case of patties is 30-35lbs. and fits in your freezer. The product’s affordable price along with the convenience of patties is a winning combination for our clients seeking this dog food supplement. Green tripe patty clients no longer cut and repackage large amounts of tripe. Nor do they have to worry about waste when thawing large amounts at a time. This sought-after dog food supplement is often an addition to your raw diet for dogs or mixed with your current dry dog food or kibble. It also assists in making your dog’s coat shine. Therefore, it’s popular for show dogs wanting that extra edge in competition. Clients with multiple or large dogs like our 2lb. rolls of green tripe. Whether you’re a new Denver raw dog food feeder, or experienced, you’ll see quick results with green tripe. Feeding raw dog food, in comparison to processed pet foods, is the best choice for your pet. Contact us or Colorado Top Dog to ask further questions or to get your dog started. If you’re ready to buy now, purchases can be made through our shop.