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Denver Dog Food

Jack is a raw dog food client for Mile High Raw. He is a sweet Labrador Retriever. His fondness for Mile High Raw’s products is healthy, as well as his willingness to steal human food when he gets the chance. Our Denver dog food products aid in his ability to recover after exercise. Also, it keeps him a dog in top shape. Higher energy levels are the main benefit when feeding your pet a raw diet. If you’re unfamiliar with the many benefits of fresh pet food or why we offer this species-appropriate raw diet for dogs, read Why Feed Raw.

Feeding Raw Dog Food

Feeding a raw diet is effortless with Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, green tripe, and Tefco Performance Dog. Thaw, apportion, or weigh your blended raw diet and dog food supplements appropriately and then feed. Dogs happily consume the product frozen or thawed. Some dogs prefer their fresh food more thawed; we prefer feeding while the product is at ice cream consistency. Dogs consume every meal and generally beg for more. Contact Mile High Raw to get your dog’s health to the next level and ready for their next long hike or outdoor activity by providing them with the best raw food for dogs.

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