Feeding Guidelines

How Much Raw Dog Food Do I Feed?

Please refer to our raw dog food calculator to get further daily/monthly feeding guidelines for your dog. Remember, no two dogs are identical in activity level or metabolic rate. Therefore, it is imperative to regularly weigh your dog to suit its ideal intake. I also see raw diet feeding adjustments in the summer when days are long, and their activity levels drop in winter. Furthermore, dogs with higher/lower activity levels may need a larger/smaller amount per serving.

Feeding Guidelines - Golden Retriever Puppy - Raw Dog FoodPuppies (Less than one year of age)
Approximate feeding guidelines. Up to 10% of their body weight is evenly divided between 3 – 4 feedings per day.

Feeding Guidelines - Raw Dog Food


Low to Normal Activity, Pet Dogs (1 year of age and older)
2-3% of their body weight, evenly divided between 2 meals per day.

Feeding Guidelines - Belgian Malinois


Endurance, High Activity, Performance, Sport, and Working Dogs
6-10% of their body weight, evenly divided between 2 meals per day.

Transition to Raw Dog Food

Transitioning to raw is the best way to avoid processed pet foods and meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Use our feeding guidelines to get your dog on a path to becoming a dog in top shape.

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