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Mile High Raw distributes complete raw food products and dog food supplements in Colorado. Our current products are Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, Nordic Naturals, Steve’s Real Food, Tefco Raw Dog Food, and Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Treats. The online store has served the Colorado raw dog food community with minimally processed raw grinds for over a decade. Clients love the expansive options, as well as varying proteins and sources available. We also guarantee confidence that you’re feeding a correct, complete diet for your dog instead of guessing with parts and pieces. Ensure your dog is receiving the comprehensive nutrition they deserve with our products.

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Mile High Raw and Colorado Top Dog deliver raw dog food on Mondays. We provide Boulder raw dog food and Denver raw dog food on these routes. If outside this area, contact us for meet-ups and pick-ups. Try our time-tested options for your dog or puppy and enjoy the results of feeding a fresh, minimally processed diet.

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