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Raw Dog Food in Colorado

Mile High Raw is Colorado’s distributor for Aunt Jeni’s Homemade, Nordic Naturals dog supplements, Tefco raw dog food, and our own non-complete dog food grinds. The quality of these dog food blends is hard to match! Also, offered at a reasonable price. Through bulk purchases, eliminating brick and mortar pet price markups and quick inventory turnover, we can lower our impact on the environment and pass the savings onto you and your dog! Mile High Raw’s pet store has been serving Denver’s dog food community with minimally processed raw dog food for over a decade and is ready to deliver.

Moreover, our company strives to find the freshest and highest quality dog food supplements, prey model raw food, and raw dog food completes / non-completes. Our clients love our expansive product options, as well as varying protein sources. These blended complete and non-complete dog food solutions are affordable and make the most sense for feeding your dogs. Get your family pet started on our balanced, fresh, and healthy raw meat diet for cats or dogs and avoid processed pet food.

Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food Products

All Aunt Jeni’s Homemade, Mile High Raw and Tefco products are made with attention to detail in USDA inspected plants using grass-fed beef, bison, chicken, fish, turkey, and venison. Feeding raw dog food from varying proteins is the key to a happy and healthy dog. Currently, Tefco Performance Dog is our raw dog food company’s most popular offering. It’s 100% preservative-free, includes trachea (containing chondroitin and glucosamine) and meets the AAFCO specifications for maintenance and reproduction. Finally, a well-blended raw food for dogs that also includes joint supplements! See your dog’s coat shine! To determine a proper feeding amount for your puppy or dog, use our raw food calculator. Then browse our shop to choose products that your pet can easily digest. Mix or match three or more cases of Tefco branded products to take advantage of volume discounts.

Green Tripe

Minimally processed green tripe is a popular dog food supplement. Raw beef green tripe contains beneficial bacteria and enzymes that aid in your dog’s digestion of food. Also, an excellent source for Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s. In bulk, we carry top quality green tripe patties and rolls (2lb.). BARF (Bones and Raw Food) raw feeders prefer this green tripe as a Denver raw dog food recipe component. Our Colorado green tripe dog food supplements and raw diet blends are easy to acquire and the highest quality available.

Deliveries and Meet-Ups

Colorado Top Dog offers paleo diet raw dog food deliveries, meet-ups and pickup options along the front range to obtain your cat or K9’s food. Contact us to purchase quality, complete raw dog food.

Colorado Raw Dog Food