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Raw Dog Food

Mile High Raw

Mile High Raw’s online shop offers detailed information on protein sourcing. Also, pricing and dog food supplements. Ensuring your pet’s raw diet is easily accessible and affordable is our company’s intent. Our complete products from Aunt Jeni’s Home Made and Tefco Raw Dog Food meet the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials’) specifications for maintenance and reproduction. These species-appropriate raw diets, dog food supplements, and RMB’s (raw meaty bones) are available in Colorado.

Vegetables in a Raw Diet for Cats or Dogs

Dogs gain supplemental nutrition from fruits and vegetables. When fed, we prefer organic, pulverized/pureed, and responsibly sourced. Avoid products created using cold pressure pasteurization, cooking, extrusion, high-pressure pasteurization, or steaming. The majority of companies use these methods for their products. These processed pet foods leave the products bland, less nutritious, and having lost their original texture and quality. Therefore, these processing techniques do not maintain the appropriate elements to be considered minimally processed. Do your homework; most commercially manufactured brands are cold/high pressure pasteurized or extruded. Also, adding fillers such as animal by-products, beet pulp, corn, grains, potatoes, rice, soy, and wheat provides a less digestible meal. As a result, our raw dog food choices are your best pet food solutions. Start feeding our raw dog food company’s biologically appropriate raw foods or bones and raw food (BARF), complete, and prey model raw (PMR) diets and experience the benefits of a raw meat diet with your pet cat or dog. Also, our green tripe patties are an excellent addition for BARF and PMR raw dog food clients. Shop now.