Why Feed Raw?

Why Feed Raw Dog Food?

Why Feed Raw?

Why feed raw? We are beginning to understand how harmful processed foods are for humans; how is it different for our pets? With increased cancer rates and diabetes, there has to be a connection. Processed pet food (dry dog food, canned dog food, kibble, and wet dog food) is similar to a fast-food diet. Processed pet food is designed for long shelf life and simplicity. Fresh, minimally processed whole foods are best for animals and humans alike. As a result, Mile High Raw believes in a raw diet for pets.

Mile High Raw is Colorado’s raw dog food distributor of Tefco products. These raw food products are fresh and made with care. Our leading products provide a natural diet that’s easy to absorb without nutrient damage. We distribute this fresh, high-quality product with undamaged amino acids and enzymes. I couldn’t imagine feeding or recommending anything other than Colorado raw dog food for feeding your family members. Especially since many products are pasteurized. Keeping that in mind, let us look at a dog’s hunting skills and physical attributes. Both are key in understanding why feed raw and why it’s best for our canine.

Hunting Skills and Physical Attributes

Natural Hunting Skills:

Why Feed Raw

Mile High Raw

Biting – Dogs tend to bite the back of the legs/rump and the neck/throat. This is how they take down their prey.

Chasing – Dogs like to chase. They chase birds, bugs, deer, mice, rabbits, squirrels, etc. This is a hunting behavior. I have yet to see them get excited in a field of carrots or corn (unless it’s bird hunting season).

Pouncing – Dogs pounce on their prey. You’ve probably seen this when they are playing, especially when they’re young puppies.

Physical Attributes:

Why Feed Raw?Digestive Tract is Short – Therefore, their digestive tract is designed for meat. Long digestive tracts are found in animals eating plant-based diets. Food passes through the digestive tract quickly, which helps avoid bacterial infection from meat and rotting meat. Dogs on a raw diet have higher acidity levels than ours. Also, a higher acidity level than dogs on a kibble diet. This is nature’s way of avoiding bacterial infection.

Jaws – Dog jaws move up and down. Also, dogs gulp to eat. Herbivore’s teeth grind side to side to break down plant matter into useable nutrition.

Why Feed Raw

Mile High Raw

Saliva – A dog’s saliva is a lubricant. Acting as a lubricant helps your canine to gulp/swallow large amounts of food at a time. Also, their saliva doesn’t contain Amylase (used to breakdown carbohydrates). Carnivores do not have Amylase in their saliva as opposed to herbivores and omnivores.

Teeth – Dog teeth are pointy.  They are designed to rip and tear meat easily. Herbivores have flat teeth for grinding plant matter.

Mile High Raw – Raw Dog Food Benefits

Main benefits:

  • A general increase in overall health
  • Breath is fresher
  • Cleaner teeth
  • The coat is healthier and shinier
  • Digestion improves
  • Shedding decrease
  • Stamina/recovery increases
  • Waste/stool decreases
  • Weight management is easier