What is Mile High Raw?

Mile High RawWhat is Mile High Raw?

What is Mile High Raw? Mile High Raw is a Colorado raw dog food company that cares about your canine’s raw diet. We sell the best Denver dog food products at a fair price. Many clients find us when their dog is having health issues, and they’ve exhausted other routes to resolve the symptoms. Others are merely interested in feeding their dog the best complete raw dog food nutrition available on the market. Colorado raw dog food diets are a direct evolution of what dogs ate before processed pet food. Raw dog food is their ancestral diet. Furthermore, it’s instinctual for them to eat a prey diet.

Roughly 15000 years ago, the dog domesticated from the wolf. They still share most of their DNA with them. Therefore, canines are naturally optimized to consume raw meat. They are marginally capable of gaining nutrition from fruits/plants/vegetables (mostly if cooked/pulverized/puréed/steamed). Their jaws are designed to gulp and hinge open to consume chunks of bone/meat. Also, their saliva is mainly a lubricant to assist in gulping. Not to mention, their digestive tract is short, and their stomach is acidic — all signs of a carnivore.

What is Mile High Raw? Mile High Raw is Colorado’s distributor for Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, Mile High Raw Bison, and Tefco raw dog food. These varieties of raw food blends have been fantastic for our K9’s. Our most popular product, Tefco Performance Dog, contains trachea (natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine).  Contact Us.

We proudly serve Colorado.