Dog Allergies, Diarrhea and GI Issues

Dog Allergies, Diarrhea, and GI Issues
Mile High Raw

Pet Health Issues and Undigestible Nutrition

Mile High Raw clients are often searching for a solution concerning their dog’s health issues. Mainly allergies (skin problems), diarrhea (loose stool), and gastrointestinal (GI) issues. Most have visited a veterinarian multiple times without resolve. Many times these conditions are alleviated through species-specific raw dog food. Processed pet foods wreak havoc on our four-legged family members — specifically Golden Retrievers. We have many clients with different AKC breeds. These sick dogs present with chronic health issues like dog allergies, diarrhea, and GI issues. It’s not enjoyable to watch them suffer. They are sometimes labeled as finicky or stricken with stomach issues. Once they begin eating our products, most see diminished symptoms. Some are relieved immediately, others within a short timeframe. Alternate proteins if you have to express your dog’s anal glands, if they’re scooting, or if they’re experiencing a softer than usual stool (not fully formed stool) while on a raw diet.

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