Pet Sitting Agreement

Colorado Top Dog

Pet Sitting Agreement

“Owner” represents that the owner is the legal owner of the dog; that the dog has not been diagnosed with and/or exposed to distemper, rabies, and/or parvo within the past thirty (30) days; that the dog has been inoculated as reflected by the veterinary records previously provided; that the dog is currently and properly licensed.

The owner further agrees as follows:

A. Colorado Top Dog (“CTD”) shall exercise reasonable care to maintain a clean, safe and secure environment for the dog while in CTD’s care. The dog shall be fed properly and regularly, shall be housed in its own quarters, and those quarters shall be cleaned as needed.

B. If the dog shows evidence of a medical problem or grooming need while under the care and control of CTD, CTD shall have the right to take such measures as it deems necessary, without being liable to the owner for the health and safety of the dog, including the right to administer medication and/or groom or obtain an evaluation and treatment by a veterinarian or groomer of CTD’s choice. If in the opinion of CTD or the veterinarian selected by CTD, the cost of treatment will exceed the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00), reasonable attempts will be made to contact the owner, and/or the veterinarian designated by the owner for further instructions. In the event that the owner’s designated veterinarian cannot be contacted, CTD or the veterinarian selected by CTD may, without liability to the owner, provide such emergency medical treatment as is deemed necessary to preserve the life and health of the dog. The owner shall pay the cost of all treatment provided for in this paragraph (in addition to the contract price previously paid) prior to the dog being picked up by the owner. It is your responsibility to provide a reliable method of contact during your dog’s stay with CTD and to ensure you return any missed calls and/or voice, email and or text messages promptly.

C. If, during the sitting of the dog, the sitting is interrupted for any reason including but not limited to the illness or reproductive cycle of the dog, the owner will be notified by CTD, and the owner agrees to either remove the dog as provided hereafter or make other arrangements for boarding of the dog at a different facility.

D. CTD agrees that while the dog is on its premises and under its control for training or boarding, CTD will exercise reasonable care to protect the health and safety of the dog. However, the owner agrees that CTD has no liability for loss or damage to the dog or owner’s other property resulting from fire, disease, illness, virus, escape, theft, death, or other unavoidable causes and shall hold CTD harmless for any acts other than willful or gross negligence. After the dog has been returned to the owner by CTD and is off of CTD’s premises, CTD shall not be responsible for the illness, injury, or death of the dog or of any person or animal, or damage to any property, caused by the dog.

E. Deposits and Purchased Pet Sitting are non-refundable. Dates are established once the timeframe is paid in full.

F. Any additional nights must be paid for at the time of the request.

G. Any lack of payment will result in an immediate additional $15/day fee.

H. No refunds are offered. All sales are final.

I. PLEASE NOTE: We require more than 24 hours’ notice if you need to modify your appointment in any way. An appointment/consultation modification within under 24 hours of your scheduled time will result in being charged your full purchase price. Should you cancel within the 24-hour timeframe, you’ll need to repurchase to reset your appointment.

Owner has read and understands this agreement in its entirety.