Training Agreement

Colorado Top Dog
Training Agreement

Part 1.  Terms and Services

1.1. The following Training Agreement (“the Agreement”) governs the relationship between Colorado Top Dog Training (“the Trainer”) and You (“the Client”) for the training of the Client’s Pet.   

1.2. The Client will, over a series of lessons, be trained to understand proper management skills of its pet. This will include, but is not limited to,  how to build food based obedience with instruction being based on the age of their dog and current training skills/level.  Besides food based obedience training, The Training Program may include the provision of one or more electronic training collars, and/or pinch collars/other equipment (“the Equipment”), and individual instruction to the Client on the use of the Equipment and methods of training/handling the Pet. 

1.3. In exchange for Trainer’s agreement to provide the services detailed above, the Client agrees to pay the Trainer the amount listed for the program, or the per lesson fee of $150. Lessons cannot be transferred to another person or dog.

Part 2.  Scheduling

2.1. A portion of the Program may be conducted in small groups at a local “dog park,” exposing the Pet to other animals, factors and/or distractions.  The schedule for such sessions is subject to change and Client must contact Trainer prior to 11am on the day before the scheduled session to confirm the time and location.   

2.2. All other training sessions are scheduled by appointment and Client is responsible for contacting Trainer to schedule such sessions. Trainer’s telephone number is (720) 272-7852. 

2.3. PLEASE NOTE: More than twenty-four-hour notice is required for any appointment cancellation, or you forfeit the cost of the lesson.

Part 3.  Indemnification/Liability and Client’s Responsibilities

3.1. Client is ultimately responsible for the control, conduct and training of the Pet.  Client is solely liable for any injury to persons or damage to property, caused by the Pet while in active training or thereafter.  Client holds harmless and shall indemnify and defend Trainer from any and all injuries or damage caused by the Pet whatsoever whether in active training or thereafter.  Client holds Trainer harmless from and against any injuries to Pet arising out of or related to the training.  Client agrees that although Trainer can provide equipment and instruction for the training of the Pet, Trainer does not maintain control of the Pet, and Client is responsible for the successful training, control and conduct of the Pet at all times.  

3.2. If the Pet is aggressive, Client shall provide and use a muzzle (Typically a Jafco brand, with a 3rd strap) during all training sessions and Client shall be responsible for avoiding potentially problematic situations.  

3.3. Client shall follow all instructions for the Equipment and shall not leave the Equipment on the Pet unattended or overnight.

3.4. Client warrants that the Pet has not been diagnosed with or exposed to distemper, rabies and/or parvo within the past thirty (30) days; that the Pet is current with all immunizations/vaccinations; and that the Pet is currently and properly licensed.

Part 4.  Results

4.1. All dogs have different temperaments and their owners vary in ability and willingness to follow the Program; therefore, results will vary.  There are no warranties, implied or otherwise,  regarding performance, success or achievements of the pet.

4.2. At the conclusion of the private sessions, Trainer will have Client demonstrate training skills learned by the Pet.  These skills shall include obedience using food, described above, and response to proper use of the Equipment and methods. 

Part 5.  Payment

5.1. As set forth in Part 1, above, the full training fee set forth under Terms above is due prior to delivery of Equipment or provision of any instruction.  The full training fee is deemed earned upon delivery of the Equipment or beginning of instruction, and is non-refundable.  Lessons must be used within 6 months of purchase. Consultations must be used within 1 month of purchase.

5.2. A charge of $50 shall be charged for any check returned unpaid by your financial institution for any reason.  Should a check be returned, all instruction shall be discontinued until the training fee and return check fee are paid in full.  Should collection efforts become necessary, Trainer may recover all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.

5.3 No refunds are offered. All sales are final.

5.4  This Training Agreement is terminable at will by either party for any reason or no reason at all at any time whether during active training or subsequent thereto.  If the Agreement is terminated during an active training session, the balance of the fee for that session shall be forfeited. 

PLEASE NOTE: We require more than 24 hours notice if you need to modify your appointment in any way. An appointment/consultation modification within under 24 hours of your scheduled time will result in being charged your full purchase price of the consultation or training. Should you cancel within the 24-hour timeframe, you’ll need to repurchase to reset your appointment.