I Am a Vegetarian and Have a Hard Time Digesting Meat – Why Would It Be Best Then to Feed It Raw to My Dog or Cat?

Human beings, being omnivorous (feeding upon animal and vegetable food), do not have the digestive tools our ancient ancestors had, in order to handle raw meat. Even though we would digest our meat better if eaten raw, we no longer possess the tools to handle the bacteria as well as today’s carnivores do when eating or feeding on raw meat.

The natural nutrients derived from fresh raw meat pet diets (frozen or freeze-dried) are necessary for optimum health. The difference between a grain/vegetable fed and a raw meat fed dog or cat is incredible. Once the condition is seen and compared, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t prefer feeding raw meat pet diets to their dogs, cats, and ferrets. (The fresh organ meats, meaty bones, and blood from those diets are necessary to achieve peak health.)