Why a Raw Meat Pet Diet?

The answer is very simple – undamaged enzymes and amino acids! A raw meat pet diet contains natural digestive enzymes and a complete amino acid profile (the protein building blocks) totally undamaged in this natural state. Many of the important amino acids and all digestive enzymes are destroyed by temperatures in excess of 110 degrees F.

Most processed and canned pet foods are cooked at ultra-high temperatures in excess of 212 degrees F. Animals consuming these highly processed foods often become nutritionally compromised and manifest dry and itchy skin, dull coats, weight problems, lethargy, and many other not so obvious symptoms.

Enzymes are essential biological catalysts that enhance the quality and quantity of nutrient assimilation. This allows your favorite pet to conserve its own enzyme energy for other important life enriching health benefits such as longevity. Wouldn’t we all like our four-legged companions to live long, healthy and happy lives?