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Tefco Performance Dog from Tefco Raw Dog Food was distributed by Mile High Raw in Colorado. It was available by the case in 2lb. Rolls and Patties. Unfortunately, this product is no longer available in Colorado—40 lb. Cases of Tefco Performance Dog would fit in a standard home freezer. Customers find 2 Lb. Rolls best when feeding medium, multiple, and large dogs. For convenience, some Tefco raw dog food clients choose the simplicity of patties. They were great for small dogs and clients who prefer a pre-measured solution. For further education on the benefits of raw dog food, read Why Feed Raw. To determine approximate feeding amounts, consult our raw food calculator.

 Boulder County and Denver Metro Delivery

Mile High Raw kept a fresh supply and would’ve loved to get your pet started on this raw dog food! Colorado Top Dog offers frozen natural dog food delivery and easy meetup options. Dog behaviorists, breeders, kennels, trainers, handlers with multiple dogs, military working dogs (MWDs), police K-9s, personal protection dogs, service dogs, working dogs, and veterinarians should call to discuss purchasing bulk raw dog food. We are happy to discuss your frozen storage space for volume purchases to determine the correct amount per transaction and how often you’ll need to order.

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