Green Tripe in Colorado

Green Tripe Rolls

Green Tripe in Colorado - Green Tripe Rolls - Beef Green Tripe

Mile High Raw’s two lb. green tripe rolls are a convenient and no-nonsense solution for supplementing your dog. It is also a great way to aid digestion and add Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to their diet. Green tripe also contains the digestive enzymes left behind from the ruminant animal they are harvested from. These digestive enzymes cleanse and purify the blood and remove fungus, parasites, and toxins.

This sought-after dog food supplement is often an addition to your raw diet for dogs or mixed with your current dry dog food or kibble. Did I mention this product has a less potent smell than raw tripe I’ve carried in the past? That’s a considerable benefit on its own! It also assists in making your dog’s coat shine. Therefore, it’s desired for show dogs to want that extra edge in competition. Clients with multiple or large dogs like our Beef Green Tripe 2lb cases. Rolls. You’ll see quick results if you’re a new raw feeder or a seasoned veteran. Feeding natural dog food is the best choice for your pet compared to processed pet foods.

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