Dogs and Halloween PSA

Candy and Costumes

Thank you for tuning in for our dogs and Halloween PSA. Every year Halloween in Denver comes around quickly. Well, it’s here again. Happy Halloween! We want to help keep pets healthy and safe.


Tip # 1 Your costume may be the best in Colorado, but your pet may not agree. Avoid scaring your dog and make sure they have a safe escape room or kennel if you’re having or going to a party or allowing tricker or treaters to stop by.

Tip #2 Be cautious about where you store your prized candy from trick or treating, Fluffy doesn’t need an upset stomach or trip to the Veterinarian.

Tip #3 Dressing up your pet. Very few dogs allow a costume without stress. Most dislike the ritual altogether. Keep an eye on whether your pet is stressed when putting on their outfit — signals to watch for: heavy panting, pinned back ears, and a tucked tail. We also encourage everyone to avoid limiting your pet’s movements and senses.

Tip #4 Treats for tricks! Everyone in Colorado is getting human treats, don’t forget about your dog! Teach them something new to show your dog and their costume. For help in learning to teach your dog new tricks, refer to the Dog Trainer Apocalypse post. Using dog treats ensures a dog jumping for joy.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year. Fall will soon be replaced by winter, so have a good scare at a haunted house. Happy Halloween!


Dogs and Halloween PSA
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