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Various dog food products and supplements fuel Colorado Top Dogs and make them jump for joy. Top dogs voraciously consume Albright’s Raw Dog Food, Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, Lamb Green Tripe, Steve’s Real Food, and Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried. They enjoy all of this fresh frozen and freeze-dried food. Start feeding these natural dog foods today and see the fantastic results of providing a complete and balanced raw dog food meal for your pet or working dog. Colorado Top Dog and Mile High Raw are ready to start your dog in Colorado. Please place an order today at our online shop and begin feeding immediately.

Furthermore, it’s easy to feed these frozen and freeze-dried raw dog food diets; your dog deserves it. Providing natural dog food far outweighs the detriments of feeding dry dog food, canned dog food, kibble, or wet dog food. Clients first notice that their dogs, as does their daily stool movement, begin to smell better. These benefits are fantastic—so many reasons to make a progressive change to a complete and balanced raw dog food. Skip purchasing the long-shelf live preservative-laden fast food (kibble and canned food) to keep your pet happy and safe. Instead, feed our products every meal and watch them jump for joy! To understand raw dog food benefits further, read Why Feed Raw.

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