Ring in your Dog’s New Year with Optimal Health

Pet Health

Raw Dog Food

Mile High Raw encourages all pet lovers to compare their dog’s current processed pet food diet to a species appropriate diet, raw dog food. The comparison should examine cost, digestibility and your pet’s overall health.

First of all, cost. Raw dog food purchased in bulk is similar in cost to dry dog food or dog kibble. You can determine a good starting point using our raw dog food calculator. ¬†Input your canine’s information and you’ll have an estimate of product needs. Then click on our online shop determine average cost per month. Finally, purchase your dog’s new favorite food, Tefco Performance Dog. The raw food that dog’s desire.

Much like an improper human diet, the wrong dog food can lead to allergies, a compromised immune system and diminished quality of life and longevity. Tefco Performance Dog was designed to help your dog stay healthy. It’s highly digestible and provides optimal nutrition to your beloved companion cat or dog.

Quit trying every brand of dog food. Instead, switch to your last dog food. One that your four legged friend will choose to devour over and over. High quality raw dog food from Tefco.

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