High-Pressure Pasteurization

High-Pressure Pasteurization - Raw Dog Food and High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) - Belgian Malinois Calypso

High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) and Raw Dog Food

Our raw dog food company avoids high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) and processed pet food. As a result, Colorado Top Dog and Mile High Raw offer today’s best complete and balanced raw dog food products.

Undesirable Raw Dog Food Options

Further processing through cooking, extruded pellets (dry dog food/kibble), or cooking degrades a dog food product’s nutrition. Other cooking processes diminish palatability. Dogs would choose wholesome, raw meat food over any processed product. If otherwise, your dog is conditioned to an inferior quality product and doesn’t receive the nutrition level they deserve and requires for a healthy existence.


The high-pressure pasteurization process quickly degrades your pet’s end product. In our experience, there is a loss of nutrition, lipid oxidation, and phthalates are likely transferred, and dangerous spores are still alive post-pasteurization. How is this the logical choice for dog food products? These products can also be considered organic. The only natural occurrence of this much pressure occurs far beneath the ocean’s surface. Think about the deepest parts of the sea. We can barely visit these places with today’s technology. Therefore, how can this be a logical solution for processing dog food? Not to mention being labeled as organic dog food. Make smart choices for your dog. Choose authentic, wholesome, raw dog food. These are the products that our shop carries. Offering good nutrition to your dog is the cornerstone of optimal health. You’ll never return to processed pet food after a few months of good nutrition. Get started now!

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