Albright’s Raw Pet Food
Complete & Balanced Raw Dog Food
All Natural
Assorted Proteins & Sizes

Bulk Discount (Albright's 2 lb.)

    • Albright’s 2 lb rolls (full case) – quantity 18 or more for full case discount.*

    • Multiple case discount for Albright’s 2 lb rolls with purchase of 4 or more cases.

    • Albright’s 2 lb rolls mix & match (full case or more) – quantity 18 or more complete and balanced, prey model raw, and dog food supplements.

    • Albright’s 1 lb packages are 36 to a case.

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Albright’s Raw Pet Food

1 lb Packages and 2 lb Rolls

The food they were designed to eat. Food that is carefully crafted for biological compatibility. Food that considers their ancestorial history. Food that is raw, natural, and pure.
Albright’s never uses fillers, grains, supplements, or synthetic vitamins to meet the nutritional requirements of our puppy customers. We only use intentionally balanced, naturally-occurring foods ideal for your dog’s health. From Yorkshire Terriers to Afghan Hounds, every dog knows raw is right. The bond with our beloved pets has never been closer. But if your dog could talk, what would they ask for? Highly processed food, filled with cheap commercial bulking agents like cereals, potatoes – and even clay? Or would your faithful friend prefer complete raw dog food? One that provides them meals packed with meat protein, lightly supplemented with other natural, nutrient-dense foods such as kale and kelp, tasty cranberries, and sunflower oil. These are the healthy, all-natural ingredients in Albright’s Raw Dog Food, specially selected to give your dog the right amount of vital vitamins and minerals. Everything your dog needs to stay healthy and thrive. All natural, complete and balanced nutrition for your dog. No fillers- corn, wheat, soy, rice, potatoes, beans, peas. No synthetic vitamin/mineral powders. All nutrition comes from real food. Only premium ingredients from the USA or Canada. No distressed, diseased, or dying animals are used. Minimally processed. Made of real meat, organ, and bone ground together.

Change your dog’s life for the better simply by changing its diet.

How to Give Your Dog More by Feeding Raw

Because our raw food for dogs has more healthy calories and is more nutritionally dense, your dog will require less of our food than the commercial kibble or canned food they’ve been eating until now. But how much less? Firstly, don’t let your dog dictate the terms! Our raw dog food diet is packed with the ingredients your dog naturally craves, so they’re bound to beg for more. Most importantly, their stomachs will no longer be bloated by the useless bulk fillers in manufactured pet foods. A good rule of thumb for portion control is to provide your dog with a daily portion weighing 2.5% of its total body weight. So, if your dog is 40 pounds, needs to maintain weight, and is reasonably active, he’ll need about 1 pound (that’s 16 oz or approx. 450 grams) of raw food daily. You can feed that all at once or in two meals daily. If your dog appears too thin or is super-active, feed a little more, but avoid overfeeding. Instead, try a 3% portion for a more gradual weight gain. Feed less if your dog is overweight, older, or naturally takes less exercise. Remember, a meat-based raw dog food diet is much more nutrient and calorie-dense than kibble. Overfeeding your dog will gain weight quickly, so it’s always better to start with too little and increase portions gradually. Pregnant and nursing mothers need a daily portion that’s 5-10% of their body weight, as do puppies. Albright’s raw dog food is certified for healthy growth in puppies.

Serving and Safe Handling Instructions

Albright’s All-Natural Raw Dog Food is packaged in 1lb and 2lb frozen chub packs. Keep frozen until ready to thaw for serving, then thaw gradually in the refrigerator. Use each chub pack within 72 hours, or repackage and refreeze within 24 hours. As with all products containing raw meat, Albright’s should be handled per the guidelines below:
  • Keep frozen.
  • Thaw in the refrigerator.
  • Use thawed product within 72 hours.
  • Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods.
  • Wash working surfaces, utensils, and serving bowls after use.
  • Wash hands after touching raw meat or poultry.
  • Because of the perishable nature of raw dog food, if your pet does not eat all presented food within 30 minutes, discard or refrigerate for up to 24 hours.
  • Keep raw meat and poultry away from children.
Albright’s Raw Dog Food is NOT for human consumption.

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