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Alpha Prey Model Diet & Fusion Diet
Assorted Proteins in 24 lb Cases

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The minimum order is 1 case per product, which equates to (4) – 6 lb packages.

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Vital Essentials Frozen Raw Dog Food

All the benefits of a raw diet, none of the prep work needed. Frozen entrees are perfect for dogs looking for a complete and balanced diet. Frozen raw dog food patties come in various butcher-cut proteins that satisfy your dog.

Regarding feeding your dog a raw diet, superior protein provides superior benefits. Packed with butcher-cut protein, our limited-ingredient frozen patties are the perfect solution to serving your dog a raw diet containing the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that build strong muscles for more play, naturally support digestive and oral health, and provide essential nutrients to look and feel their best. Thaw and serve; no mixing or cooking is required.

The ALPHA Prey-Model

Based on the ALPHA Prey-Model diet, raw pet food diets can range from food to treats and supplements from brands like Vital Essentials.  This means we include meat, vital organs, and bones only. In the wild, carnivores (like cats and dogs) catch prey. The group’s Alpha is the strongest and best-fed in the pack, eating the vital organs and the best meat first. ALPHA Prey-Model raw food follows that example, giving your pet the foods they’re meant to eat.

Fusion Products

Consists of the following:

Vital Essentials “Alpha Prey Model” Diet (90%)

Organic Fruits and Vegetables (10%)



XX-Small (6 lbs)
1⁄2 patty
X-Small (12 lbs)
3⁄4 patty
Medium (25 lbs)
1 1⁄2 patties
Large (50 lbs)
2 1⁄2 patties
X-Large (100 lbs)
4 patties
Feed frozen patties as a complete meal after thawing daily portions in the refrigerator. Always provide access to clean, fresh water. Store frozen product in the freezer until ready to use. Keep out of reach of young children and pets. Not for human consumption. Best if fed within 4-5 days of thawing (varies based on fridge temperature.) KEEP FROZEN

Transition to RawTransition to a purely raw diet by slowly mixing with your pet’s current diet for the first 7-10 days.

After each feeding, wash hands, utensils, counters, food dishes, and related areas thoroughly with hot, soapy water.



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Alpha Prey-Model Diet, Fusion Diet


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